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Modifying OSCommerce Site

As I sit here suffering from a bout of cold, it occured to me that in modifying the OS Commerce shopping cart for my wife's business, I make a few changes over and over. But since I don't have them documented any where, I have to constaltly figure out how to make those changes. So, I thought I would put together a list of main modifications that I seem to need more often.

Modifications most often needed:

1) Change the logo:
Change the logo is done by replacing the oscommerce logo in the [../catalog/includes/header.php file]
Edit the header.php file as follows:

In the existing code:

Replace 'oscommerce.gif' with yourlogo.gif (where yourlogo.gif is the name of your image file (for your company logo)) and replace 'OSCommerce' with the name of your company

2) To Modify the "Let's See What We Have Here" heading title:

Using a text editor (eg. Notepad), modify the first HEADING_TITLE definition listed in the file:

Fink Package Ma& Humor

It is great when a package maintainer has a sense of humor. Today, I was updating the fink packages and here is what I came across when I did fink update-all

>Configuring TIFF Software v3.6.1
>If configure does the wrong thing, check the file config.log for
>information that may help you understand what went wrong.
>Reading site-wide parameters from ./
>Wow, you've got a powerpc-apple-darwin6.8 system!
>Using /usr/bin/gcc for a C compiler (use -with-CC=compilername to override).

Geez, I did not know that my creaky old iMac with Jaguar system still on it was so sexy! For a moment I felt like the midlife crisis male who suddenly found help in pheromones!

Thanks Tiff Software v3.6.1 maintainer!

Blatant Partisanship By Owners of Public Trust

Here is a story in todays Washington Post that will get the hair on your backs up...Apparently, the Sinclair family is ordering TV Stations to air an Anti-Kerry documentary on the air. Aren't the public airwaves supposed to be public property? Aren't the TV Station owners supposed to be custodians of public property? Aren't the TV Station owners required to be impartial in their news?

I have no bone to pick with people who want to go and see the movie, just as I have no bone to pick with people who want to go and watch the Michael Moore movie. But why is every body being "forced" to watch something that is blatantly partial?

FTC ought to yank their license if they go through with this. And the public ought to boycott their TV Stations. That'll teach them a lesson.

click here for the article


Drinking: Drinking Autumnal Oolong from Jaya Teas!
Just stumbled upon an outstanding web based service called StumbleUpon! StumbleUpon is a simple browser bar based service that allows you to "stumble upon' new and interesting websites suggested by others. It also allows one to recommend a website if he/she likes it or dislikes it! I just signed up, and soon enough stumbled upon a great website called, a site similar to the of yester years. Lots of free music to download. Thats where I came across the great music from Antibalas. Check out both the StumbleUpon website, and the Both are absolutely a must have link on the browser!

The smooth flowery aroma of the Oolong just adds a wonderful dimension to the web browsing and stumbling upon great content!

Edwards wins by TKO

It was a duke out unlike any. Edwards came out swinging, and kept swinging until the end. Cheny on the other hand - was huffing and puffing towards the end, like a middle aged heavy weight fighter who has developed a paunch, and wants the fight over with. Of course the spin masters are going to say what ever they can to prop up the Bush-Cheny ticket, but the fact is, Cheny was too dismissive of challenges from Edwards, giving up valuble time to come back at Edwards. Looks like the fight has left the incumbent ticket.

Edwards on the other hand did a great job of making sure that he didn't just criticize the administration, but spent a good bit of time talking about the agenda of the Kerry-Edwards ticket. Cheny, made the same mistake committed by George Bush, trying "scare tactic" and kept on repeating the now tired tag lines that Kerry does not have the judgement the the Commander in Chief. Look who's talking!

People are tired of the Bush-Cheny ticket insis…

Great Article On Hanuman

Even as a young child I used to be enthralled by the heroic stories of Pavansut, Hanuman, the monkey-god in the pantheon of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. I would religiously go to the temple and prostrate in front of the vermillion statue seeking the physical strength, and mental eqanimity Hanuman posesses. But I never really ventured to learn more about this beautiful God than what I learned through word of mouth. Just today, as I was cruizing the SriGanesh Tea and Bookstall I came across this wonderful article on Hanuman that goes into the details of his birth, education and life as a devotee of Rama. A very nice article indeed for some one interested in Hindu mythology.