Fink Package Ma& Humor

It is great when a package maintainer has a sense of humor. Today, I was updating the fink packages and here is what I came across when I did fink update-all

>Configuring TIFF Software v3.6.1
>If configure does the wrong thing, check the file config.log for
>information that may help you understand what went wrong.
>Reading site-wide parameters from ./
>Wow, you've got a powerpc-apple-darwin6.8 system!
>Using /usr/bin/gcc for a C compiler (use -with-CC=compilername to override).

Geez, I did not know that my creaky old iMac with Jaguar system still on it was so sexy! For a moment I felt like the midlife crisis male who suddenly found help in pheromones!

Thanks Tiff Software v3.6.1 maintainer!
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