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As I sit here suffering from a bout of cold, it occured to me that in modifying the OS Commerce shopping cart for my wife's business, I make a few changes over and over. But since I don't have them documented any where, I have to constaltly figure out how to make those changes. So, I thought I would put together a list of main modifications that I seem to need more often.

Modifications most often needed:

1) Change the logo:
Change the logo is done by replacing the oscommerce logo in the [../catalog/includes/header.php file]
Edit the header.php file as follows:

In the existing code:

Replace 'oscommerce.gif' with yourlogo.gif (where yourlogo.gif is the name of your image file (for your company logo)) and replace 'OSCommerce' with the name of your company

2) To Modify the "Let's See What We Have Here" heading title:

Using a text editor (eg. Notepad), modify the first HEADING_TITLE definition listed in the file:

define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Lets See What We Have Here"');
Replace the text 'Lets See What We Have Here' to What ever else you want.

To modify the text of the main page, modify the "Define('TEXT_MAIN'..." portion of the file

define('TEXT_MAIN', ' This is a default setup of the osCommerce project,
products shown are for............................... This shop is running
on osCommerce version ' . PROJECT_VERSION .
'. ');
define('TEXT_MAIN', 'Insert your text here ');
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