Edwards wins by TKO

It was a duke out unlike any. Edwards came out swinging, and kept swinging until the end. Cheny on the other hand - was huffing and puffing towards the end, like a middle aged heavy weight fighter who has developed a paunch, and wants the fight over with. Of course the spin masters are going to say what ever they can to prop up the Bush-Cheny ticket, but the fact is, Cheny was too dismissive of challenges from Edwards, giving up valuble time to come back at Edwards. Looks like the fight has left the incumbent ticket.

Edwards on the other hand did a great job of making sure that he didn't just criticize the administration, but spent a good bit of time talking about the agenda of the Kerry-Edwards ticket. Cheny, made the same mistake committed by George Bush, trying "scare tactic" and kept on repeating the now tired tag lines that Kerry does not have the judgement the the Commander in Chief. Look who's talking!

People are tired of the Bush-Cheny ticket insisting on talking about Kerry record and not about how they would make our lives better in the next four years. What people want to hear is what are they going to do about the mess in Iraq, the mess in US, and the mess on the world stage. Now is the time Gentlemen, otherwise, come November, you might be wondering what went wrong. ;)
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