The Bucket List

Everybody has heard of the bucket list, so no point in explaining it. Below is the list of things I would like to do before I die. List is in no particular order in the order I believe is possible for me to accomplish.
  • Study a new language (currently studying Italian)
  • Raft down Grand Canyon river
  • Visit Rome
  • Attend an Olympics game
  • Travel to all continents - Remaining continents are:  Africa, Australia, Alaska
  • See the Taj Mahal
  • Walk the Appalachian Trail
  • Motorcycle from west coast to east coast
  • Run a small biotech developing drugs that makes a difference in the lives of poor people
  • Bag a 14er
  • Climb to Machu Pichu
May 3rd 2017:
I have now had this list up for a while.  In between, life got in the way and I haven't done much with the blog.  Not only that, I haven't even attempted to cross of some of the things on the list!  What is the point of a list if you make no attempt to cross of some of those things!  

It seems like the things I have on the list are difficult to achieve.  So I am going to make some changes.  Instead of just writing down things that are extremely challenging to accomplish with my life's current complexities, now I will start small goals that can be achieved while balancing the life of a householder.  

Today, I added a few things that are a little more doable: 
  • Bag "a" 14er - the emphasis on "a" means it is not my goal to climb every 14er, although I might change it down the line
  • Raft down Grand Canyon river - meaning I will do at least the upper or lower Canyon
  • Visit Rome - This should be more doable since it is a matter of buying a ticket and getting there.  Still it will be challenging with to do this with kids, esp with Jaya taking summer classes. And where is the fun in doing this alone!
  • Study a new language.  This should be very doable.  I have already started to study Italian.  Let's see how far I can go with this.
  • Climb Machu Pichu.  I will admit, I did this before I started to put the list together.  Still, this is an accomplishment as since childhood I have wanted to go to Machu Pichu!  One thing crossed off the list!
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