Friday, August 26, 2005

Funny Story of The Week: Men Smarter Than Women

In an apparent death wish, two british scientists have come out with some interesting research that proclaims that "Men are smarter than Women!". Now come on guys, we know that was never true, that it is not true today, and it will never be true tomorrow!

In another news, Queen Elizabeth had proclaimed the two said scientists, "Enemy of the State", and in United States, NOW (national organization of women) has declared a Fatwa against two British idiots, named Paul Irwing and Richard Lynn.

NAM, The national Association of Men, in an unrelated move, have cancelled the membership of the two British Scientists. Apparently, they had not paid their dues in time.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Skype, The New Standard In Free Internet Telephony

Unless you have been living in Siberia, you must have heard of Skype. Skype is an outstanding application of the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology. All you need is the Skype software, and a set of head phones.

Step 1: Download Skype from here
Step 2: Register an account with an easy to remember name from within Skype.
Step 3: Ask your friends from all over to download skype and register
Step 4: Place a call via your computer.

Thats it!

Skype offers a service called "Skype out" which allows you to call the real phone numbers from your computer. But beware, its not a free service! Infact the charges for calling using SkypeOut are quite high (they are in Euros and not dollars). Skype does not offer free voice mail service or call forwarding etc. But the sound quality is so good that you will be surprised.

These days, all my calls to my brother in law in India and Australia are made on Skype. They both have broad band so it was easy. The rest of my family unfortunately is still on dialup which makes it difficult to connect on Skype.

Pound for pound, Skype is the best solution for my long distance and international call needs.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Beautiful Girl, Young Pilot, And A Near Death Experience

Believe it or not, once I too was a student pilot, flying Cessnas out of Mercer County airport. Most of the times I climbed into the Cessna I was with this gorgeous instructer from Columbia named Sylvia. It was Sylvia's job to make a pilot out of me, but all I cared about was the opportunity to spend the time with her.

Now, I am not much of a writer so I couldn't tell you the stories of the thrill felt when flying a single engine plane, banking left and right, circling down towards the earth with engine cut out, to learn how to land a plane that has run out of gas. Nor could I tell you how one feels to have a beautiful girl sitting next to you when you are peering out into the blue sky listening to the crackling radio voice of the control tower. So, I will do the next best...I will recommend you this story by Patric Smith, a pilot who writes for

The story line is fairly simple ... boy learns to fly, boy tries to impress the girl by taking her on a plane ride. Boy craps his pants realizing that in an attempt to impress the girl he almost got killed.

Flying seems so relaxing and neat when viewed from ground. But up in the air it is nothing but a taxing activity where one has to pay attention to all sorts of details, not the least of which is looking out for another plane so that you can avoid a collision. Having a gorgeous girl next to one is extremely distracting and a necessarily hazardous activity. I am amazed I didn't kill myself.

What am I saying, it was Sylvia really who kept me out of trouble!

Any way, here is the story by Patrick. You may need to watch an ad to read the story, but it is really worth it.


Sunday, August 07, 2005

Barry Goes To India

kannada film poster, originally uploaded by gbSk.

This excerpt is from Barry's trip to India.
"finally i find a ticket inspector. you show him your ticket and he assigns you a berth number. he looks at my ticket and says, “sorry sir, first class cars not having. out of order and sleeper cars full. second class only”. i look inside the second class car. no f*#kin way. there is a not an inch of space in there. all you see is bodies and bags and who knows what else. there was just no possible way i was getting in that train car with my gigantic bag full of shirts that i refuse to let out of my sight for one second. the trip was 10+ hours and it’s at least 10-15 degrees hotter in amritsar. its not like i’m some first class only traveler. i just couldn’t do it. so there i stood…... as the train pulled out. soaked and tired. and still in haridwar."

For the complete and totally hilarious account of his experiences, click here