Barry Goes To India

kannada film poster, originally uploaded by gbSk.

This excerpt is from Barry's trip to India.
"finally i find a ticket inspector. you show him your ticket and he assigns you a berth number. he looks at my ticket and says, “sorry sir, first class cars not having. out of order and sleeper cars full. second class only”. i look inside the second class car. no f*#kin way. there is a not an inch of space in there. all you see is bodies and bags and who knows what else. there was just no possible way i was getting in that train car with my gigantic bag full of shirts that i refuse to let out of my sight for one second. the trip was 10+ hours and it’s at least 10-15 degrees hotter in amritsar. its not like i’m some first class only traveler. i just couldn’t do it. so there i stood…... as the train pulled out. soaked and tired. and still in haridwar."

For the complete and totally hilarious account of his experiences, click here

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