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Incredible Mindmap of Web Based Collaboration Tools

Browsing the web I stumbled upon a mind mapping webware. While I am myself fond of using Xmind an open source mindmapping software for its beautiful interface and nice formatting tools, I think mindmeister is certainly worth trying, especially given that mindmeister has an iPhone app available. The other mindmapping software I have often used is another opensource software called Freemind. Unfortunately, Freemind is falling way behind competition as it doesn't offer a web based interface (certainly not a easy way to create or publish maps online), nor does it offer formatting tools like Xmind.

However, tooling around the website I stumbled upon a mindmap created by Robin Good that outlines a large number of collaboration available on the web. This map is an incredible resource for any one interested.

Immediately, I started checking out some of the new webware I hadn't explored earlier. One syncronizing webware I am going to try out is LiveMesh. I h…