Incredible Mindmap of Web Based Collaboration Tools

Browsing the web I stumbled upon a mind mapping webware. While I am myself fond of using Xmind an open source mindmapping software for its beautiful interface and nice formatting tools, I think mindmeister is certainly worth trying, especially given that mindmeister has an iPhone app available. The other mindmapping software I have often used is another opensource software called Freemind. Unfortunately, Freemind is falling way behind competition as it doesn't offer a web based interface (certainly not a easy way to create or publish maps online), nor does it offer formatting tools like Xmind.

However, tooling around the website I stumbled upon a mindmap created by Robin Good that outlines a large number of collaboration available on the web. This map is an incredible resource for any one interested.

Immediately, I started checking out some of the new webware I hadn't explored earlier. One syncronizing webware I am going to try out is LiveMesh. I have been a big fan of Dropbox, but Dropbox has some trouble connecting through firewall that I haven't been able to over come. I am hoping LiveMesh will be able to do this easily. Previously I had tried LiveSync, another Microsoft app, but unfortunately, LiveSync creates multiple copies of the same file - which is quite onerous and not really syncronization. Prior to that I had used FolderShare which had similar issues.

LiveMesh still only has a Mac version is still a development version, so we'll have to see if it really works for me. Now if Dropbox were to just fix the firewall issues, it would be so much simpler to just use their service.
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