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My Travel Gear: What I Have In My Suite Case

I have to leave for a week long trip to Mexico and Colombia on a business trip. Which got me wondering, how come I don't have a ready list of things to take with me? Today we will change that, with this list of travel gear. This is what I have in my suite case:
Day Wear:
Long sleeve dress shirts - 4 per week
Suites - 2 per week
Dress pants - 1 (can be worn with dress shirt for a semi-formal dinner evening)
Ties - 4 per week
Belt - 1
Dress shoes - 1
Dress socks - 2 pairs
Reading Glasses
Sun Glasses

Casual wear, for evenings and other free time
Casual short sleeve shirts - 3 per week
Casual pants - 2 per week
Shorts - 1
Walking shoes - 1
Socks - 2 pairs
Flip flops - 1 pair
Swimming trunks & goggles

Other essential stuff
Office laptop & charger
Iphone/Cell phone & charger
Reading lightfor the long night flights
Noise reduction headphones (mine are panasonic RP-HC500)
A good travel book (hopefully soft bound)
Camera & lenses
Camera cable to transfer pictures to laptop
Portable tripod (cri…