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Useful Links For The Week

Here is a list of useful links that you should check out...

Partnerup: Use your skills to help other startup businesses! In tough times this site could help some of us find other new opportunitities, and others who are looking for help, find new help.

Seeking Alpha: A very active community of those interested in investments. Mostly useful stuff, but be careful though as some posters are quite crazy!

Venture Beat: The place to go for those interested in venture investments

Newser: For those of us who are more visually oriented, important news sorted out visually..

"Cut spending, recession is here...Its gonna be a rough ride"

This is the guidance from Sequoia Capital to the companies they fund. The stuff in this presentation is enough to scare any body, and its not even Haloween! Goes a long way to explain why capital markets have basically completely evaporated.

Here is my summary for businesses...
Secure current business - keep current customers happy and don't loose them
Cut expenses - all those expensive fu fu events? Can 'em
Manage Cash flow - Credit market has evaporated and you'll need cash in bank to make next payroll!

Three key takeaways for personal life...
Hang on to your job - job cuts will be plenty and new jobs will be few
Cut back expenditure - save that cash! You may need it for survival
Reduce personal debt burden - that big SUV? Get rid of it and reduce your lease burden

Good advice in best of times, outstanding advice in today's environment. If what Sequoia says in this presentation is true, we will be suffering through this recession for a while.

Sequoia Capital on startups…

Saturday Night Live Does Governor of Alaska

Some really funny stuff about the Governor of Alaska!

When Citi says BUY, it really means SELL!

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then this graph says it all!! Yes, let me spend some more money on buying Citi's "investment advice"!

Or may be, just because Citi says "sell" GM and Ford, I should spend my money on these two stocks!

Huge Win For India And For The US


History may have a lot of awful things to say about Bush administration, but with last night's Senate vote in favor of the Indo-US Nuclear treaty, this treaty will go down as THE one "good" thing Bush administration did for the free world and for the cause of democracy.

The bill, which passed 86 to 13, goes to President Bush for his signature, handing the chief executive a rare victory that both advocates and foes say will reverberate for decades. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who conceived of the deal, have pushed hard for it from the earliest weeks of the president's second term. President Bush and Condoleezza Rice burned a lot of political capital, but the fact that they were able to pull this off in the last days of the administration is nothing short of amazing!

Likewise in India, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is to be commended for staying steadfast on this issue, and even putting his administration's survival on the line to see thi…