Huge Win For India And For The US


History may have a lot of awful things to say about Bush administration, but with last night's Senate vote in favor of the Indo-US Nuclear treaty, this treaty will go down as THE one "good" thing Bush administration did for the free world and for the cause of democracy.

The bill, which passed 86 to 13, goes to President Bush for his signature, handing the chief executive a rare victory that both advocates and foes say will reverberate for decades. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who conceived of the deal, have pushed hard for it from the earliest weeks of the president's second term.
President Bush and Condoleezza Rice burned a lot of political capital, but the fact that they were able to pull this off in the last days of the administration is nothing short of amazing!

Likewise in India, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is to be commended for staying steadfast on this issue, and even putting his administration's survival on the line to see this through. Manmohan Singh will be accorded the highest place of honor in Indian history as the architect of Indian emergence onto the world stage. The Indian communists on the other hand, for all their anti-growth shenanigans (opposition to Nuclear treaty, tepid support of Tata Motors project in West Bengal) will end up in the dust heap of history as anti-business, anti-growth party.

The US nuclear industry must be ecstatic. But the real winners in this is the Indian society and Indian people - who without the nuclear energy, would have seen their hopes and dreams of growing out of poverty completely shattered.

Congratulations, all the way around. One of the major barriers to India's emergence as a world power has been taken down and the future is bright, as bright as the Sun itself - the ultimate source of limitless energy.
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