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Rafting down Colorado river

In the past, I have visited Grand Canyon twice.  Once I was there by myself, and another time I took my parents and my uncle, Mr. RS Tiwari when they were visiting me in the US.  Both times I went to the southern rim and on both time I didn't go down to the canyon itself.  Each time however, I was filled with wonderment at this amazing architecture of nature and wondered to myself, how cool it would be to travel down the Colorado river on a raft.

And so, I put it on my bucket list.  I promised myself, I will raft down Grand Canyon in this lifetime.

Amazingly, that day now seems near!!

Last year, I sent a note out to my close friends asking them if any one would like to join me on my dream trip.  I received one response - enquiring just how difficult the trip might be, but beyond that, nothing.  Clearly, rafting down Grand Canyon is not every body's cup of tea.

But one can't be deterred by lack of enthusiasm of others!!  This bucket list is mine, and so I should take the o…

What better way...

It's summer Sunday (June 25), and both girls are home.  But both are busy, one is busy playing computer games and the other has her laptop open working on Geometry AP class home work.  So what is a lonely dad to do?

Spent the morning watching India - West Indies cricket match.  India won.

What now?

Dusting off the old paint brush seemed like a good idea.

Let's see how far I go with this.  Lots of white space to cover.  It should easily kill one lazy Sunday.  May be more!

June 29 - Update

This is still work in progress.  A few finishing touches need to be added, but its getting there.  Still not satisfied with the wall... wonder if I should paint it all grey, or yellow and grey looks ok.  The blinds need to be painted some more and the plant.  Perhaps the back edge of the table needs some work.