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B B King, The Man Who Introduced Me To Blues Music

For this foreign graduate student from Bombay, the winter nights of 1988 in Akron, Ohio were long and lonely. I was low on money and depressed having left my friends and family thousands of miles away.  The stress of grad school and the loneliness was killing me, and the cold weather wasn't helping.  One day as I was walking back to the apartment on Walnut street, I noticed a perfectly good radio console discarded by some one who had apparently upgraded there equipment.    Listening to a Blues program broadcast out of Kent State University radio station on this console became the one silver lining to my week's drudgery and thus began my introduction to B B King and the American blues music.

There was something so melancholy about blues music that it perfectly matched my mood at the time, and I was immediately hooked. BB King was a master at touching people's soul and I immediately fell under his spell. His raspy voice and the slow rhythmic electric guitar touched me in w…