United Airlines Messes it Up. Again!

I have been a loyal United Airlines customer since my days in Chicago.  That would make it close to 22 years.  Since then I have stuck with them thru all my moves throughout the country some times fighting the corporate policies to fly United.  

But never have I experienced such poor service as I have this past few months.  Between delayed flights, lost reservations and messed up connections, I am just about fed up.  Today, as I fly Business First to Madrid, United tells me that I will have to pick up my bags in Frankfurt and recheck myself in for the connection to Madrid.  

Now, in the cabin they are telling me that they don't have a vegetarian meal for me.  Interestingly the flight attendants wouldn't believe that I had requested a vegetarian meal and repeatedly asked me if my profile has vegetarian option selected.  Now why would a lifelong vegetarians change his profile this year after 20 years, and the proceed to request a special meal on the flight?

So forgive me if I don't feel charitable towards United.  Today I have to say that United Airlines service really sucks.  I don't care that I will have to change airlines after being a loyal customer for over 20 years, but I am ready for it.  

So Virgin Airlines, do you want my business? Or Delta, or American?  

I am ready to make the change.  

By the way, the flight to Frankfirt had a departure of 7.00 and now it shows a delay of 28 minutes!
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