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Inspiring Others to Financial Responsibility

Quote from an article on financial responsibility...

"quiet disappointment is far more effective as a response to someone who has let you down than a pile of rage ever will be. If someone lets you down, do everything you can to avoid exploding at them. Don’t let your emotions overwhelm the situation. Instead, calmly state that they did, in fact, let you down"

I think this is a good strategy for any situation. Too bad we see exactly the opposite most of the time.

Education is the best insurance against unemployment

I am glad the value of education was pounded in head when I was growing up! I only wish my father had shown me this chart then!

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The Making of GLIF

For those with entrepreneurial bent, or for those whose brains are spilling over with ideas and ideas, here is an inspirational story about two guys, who came up with an idea, worked on it, and made it into a reality.

On July 11th, 2010, Tom Gerhardt and I had an idea for an iPhone accessory: a tripod mount that doubled as a stand. Five months later, customers began to receive our product, the Glif, in the mail. This turnaround, from idea to market in five months by two guys with no retail or manufacturing experience, signifies a shift in the way products are made and sold — a shift only made possible in the last couple years.
This is what the product looks like... and here is where you can buy it.