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What beetle is this?

I came across this impressive beetle on my trip to Panama. Any one know what beetle this is? It was about the size of a thumb with some impressive mandibles!!

BRIC or BRICT, the definition of emerging markets is changing!

Just a few months ago, pharmaceutical companies of all shapes and forms declared all sorts of "emerging markets" strategies centering around BRIC, or BRICT. Turns out, the gentleman who coined the term BRIC does not consider BRIC countries to be emerging markets any more! In a WSJ interview published today, John O'Neill said this...
Well, first of all, I should say that I don't really count the BRICs as emerging markets. They are too big for that.
Instead Goldman Sachs has identified 11 other countries that could replace the BRIC. Curiously, WSJ article only gives the names of Nigeria, Iran, Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Turkey. So I guess BRIC will be replaced soon by NIMVIT......

Of course, just a change in definition does not rob the markets of their potential. BRIC countries are going to dominate the world economic growth for a long time to come and companies would turn a blind eye to the raw potential of these economies at their own peril.

Besides, with pl…

Fantastic a cappella group from Slovenia

Slovenian a cappella group Perpetuum Jazzile performing Toto's Africa. Close your eyes, turn up the volume and listen to thunderstorm cascade down the plains of Africa! Simply fantastic!

iPhone Photogaphy: Summer Reading

This is my summer reading - an old Tom Clancy book - which I found in a "for sale" bin at the local library. There were so many good books for almost buck-a-piece that in this recessionary economy I have no need to go to a book store. Besides rediscovering the library, I spent just $5 for three really good books, and I can always go back for more!

iPhone Photography: Mommy Love


iPhone Photography: The Hidden Pond

Fourth of July was a perfect day to discover this hidden pond right in the heart of Lawrenceville, just off Route 1! Its so beautifully tucked behind a strip mall that its almost impossible to discover unless you have some time on hand and wanter to the back of the mall. Can you guess where it is?

Hint: Its close to the old BMS facility - Nassau Park.

iPhone Photography: Lilly