Management By Mythology - Ha!

If only we could bottle myths and sell them... well some one is doing it already!! And making Money at it!! Could it get more ridiculous?
"I am a pattern-finder. The mythologies are stars -- I point out the constellation," he said. "The world of business and the world of our mythological tales are not too different."

Really?? Thank you Mr. Devdutt Patnaik, for enlightening us. Now I can look up Ramayan and Mahabharat for answers to my business problems.

This is no different from the Mullahs suggesting Koran or an evangelist suggesting turning to "Jesus, CEO" for all the answers. Religious books and myths were created to sell stories to the gullible, the uneducated and susceptible. Mr. Patnaik must think that we are still as "anpadh" as the citizenry of the past. Soon, instead of Indian Institute of Management, Mr Patnaik will have us send our children to Indian Institute of Mythology to learn business skills.

India Inc looking for an Indian Business Guru, would do good to look up CK Prahlad or Sumantra Goushal or Ram Charan and forget Mr. Patnaik, for the answers to today's business problems lies not in ancient myths but in rigorous and disciplined scientific analysis of business problems.
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