Suchitra and Kapil's Wedding

Kapil filling Suchitra's maang as a part of the wedding ceremony. From From: Suchitra's Wedding, © Sunil Joshi

Our dear friend Suchitra got married to Kapil in a Hindu religious ceremony at Durga Mandir on Sunday September 7th. It was a beautiful autumn day with clear skies and golden sunshine. Being held outdoors, I was able to capture the mood of the event even inside the tent without need for any artificial light, although the "real" pro-photographer hired for the day was using flash extensively. In order to get out of the professional photographer's way I used a 80-200mm telephoto lens on Nikon D70. Tell me if you find these pictures fascinating.

Indian weddings are a family affair with every body jumping into the Mandap from time to time!
From Suchitra's Wedding, © Sunil Joshi

Our congratulations to Kapil and Suchitra, with best wishes for a very happy married life.

The Hindu rites are equall opportunity. For instance, in the phere ceremony, wife leads the husband through a few and the husband leads the wife in a few phere. And then there are other rites that are performed jointly, as seen here. From Suchitra's Wedding, © Sunil Joshi

Wedding photography is a lot of fun as I learned this weekend, but it is also a lot of work. Next step, I want to compile these into an album for the couple using either Apple's system or perhaps Blurb. Blurb has worked well for me in the past. I'll post an update on how it works for this project.
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