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Open Office 2.0 for Mac

If you were to go to the OpenOffice website it would seem that while the rest of the world has access to version 2.0 of Openoffice, Mac users would have to wait another few years. Well, not so. Below is the link for the Mac build of release candidate 1.9.128. So, download away and enjoy!

This is not a native port, and requires Apple's x11 which is free to download from Apple's website. It is also advisable to have the XCode installed from the Panther dvd.

18000 Feared Dead In South Asian Quake

Press reports suggest that a 7.6 magnitude earthquake has devastated parts of Pakistan and India. Over 18000 people are feared dead in Pakistan and about 40,000 are injured. In Indian Kashmir, 275 people have been reported dead but many are still trapped under the rubble. Army has mounted a huge search and rescue mission in both countries.

Folks who wish to help by donating money are requested to visit the Jaya Teas weblog for instructions on where to send funds.

You may also send funds to American Red Cross earmarking the money for the Earth Quake Relief fund by simply writing so on the check.

World Celebrates Gandhi Birthday

Here we are again. Its October 2nd, and time to celebrate the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. Naturally, India is celebrating the birthday of the spiritual and philosophical leader of the nation who led millions of Indians to freedom from British rule. Here is a new report about the celebrations in India. Is it ironical that the clebrations in New Delhi were led by President Abdul Kalam, a man who led the development of guided missiles in India. Some would say that it is these missiles that have prevented the war with Pakistan, and hence led to peace with that country, a Gandhian ideal. It is also a testament to Indian democracy's adherence to Gandhian ideals that the President of a Hindu country is a Muslim, and the Prime Minister (Manmohan Singh) is a Sikh. Vice President Bhairon Singh Shekhawat led the celebrations in Bucharest, Romania

Meanwhile, the rest of the world goes about its day completely ignoring the teachings of Gandhi. As if on cue, the Islamic terrorist demonst…