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Changes over time

Most of us start out with long hair in our youth, and by the time we go on to have babies, our hair is nicely trimmed and "socially acceptable". Afterall, we are expected to "behave"! But this gentleman, Raj Nair seems to have gone the other way. He started out a clean cut guy, and by the time his second one arrived, it looks like he gave up on trying to conform, and the real "Raj" came out!! (see pic below) More power to you Raj! And a nice looking family too!

Point is to point to his very nice timeseries photographs of himself and his family, which is here

And he seems to have derived inspiration from Diego Goldberg who lives in Buenos Aires. Diego Goldberg, this is a great idea. A wise man indeed. It shows in his photographs.

Article on India-China Relationship

Amartya Sen, the nobel prize winning economist from Harvard has written a book "Passage to China" on Indo-Chinese relations through the ages. While it is customary in modern times to portray India and China as rivals - in territorial interests, as well as economic race, Amartya Sen takes a deeper look at how the two civilizations have been open to a dialog between themselves, starting even before the time when Chinese scholars started arriving in India to study Budhism.

Here is a review of this book published in The New York Review of Books.