Dallas, Beautiful Dallas

Williams Park, Texas, creative commons copyright Sunil Joshi

© Sunil Joshi | Williams Park, University Park, Texas

Before moving to Dallas, I knew very little about this town.  I had travelled all over the country, but had spent very little time in Dallas.  When I did come to Dallas, it was usually for an in-and-out affair at an airport hotel or downtown hotel.  As a result, I didn't really come to appreciate Dallas.

But now that I have lived here for over a year, I can tell you, Dallas is a fabulous city - a city that has a lot to offer to young and old, culturally minded as well as outdoorsy times.  As you go around the city downtown you will realize that Dallas is growing leaps and bounds in every direction.  The number of sky scrapers going up in the downtown area are enough to make one's head spin.  And now with AT&T deciding to stay in its downtown headquarters and invest in renovating the downtown Global HQ and near by area, downtown Dallas is bound to become one of the best downtowns in the country.

But Dallas is not one city - it is really many cities in and around proper Dallas.  The cities of Highland Park and University Park are great residential communities right in the heart of Dallas. Both cities offer lush green streets and avenues, with numerous parks and play areas, quite streets, lakes and rivulets, birds and amazing amount of wildlife (I saw an armadillo here once!) to make an outdoors person's heart sing.  Both cities within the city of Dallas, are just a beautiful area to raise kids - i.e. if you can afford to live here; both cities are very expensive.  A home in Highland Park can easily set you back by over $1Million!  University Park is slightly better, but not that much. However, if one were to go just north of Park Cities, there are plenty of great areas to live that are also affordable.

We ended up living in Highland Park in a condominium that is just across Whole Foods grocery store, and a walk away from really nice restaurants and entertainment.  Still the one aspect of Highland Park that I enjoy the most is going for walks in the Park Cities.  The picture above is one I took recently in Williams Park, a picturesque park in the heart of University Park area straddling Turtle Creek, a creek that flows through the city creating a nice green area.
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