Skiing in Aspen and an important lesson learned

For the longest time I have been thinking of taking kids skiing in Colorado mountains, but the occasion never came. So this spring, we decided to skip Dallas and go to Aspen. Both Jaya and Jiya got excited about skiing and ended up taking lessons. Jiya took two days of lessons while Jaya decided that one day was enough for her.

In her excitement for skiing, Jiya did not mention that the boot we had rented for her was too tight. Day 1 was fine, but by the end of day two, her foot was starting to hurt and she had to take a lot of breaks. Jiya was so active during the lessons that the instructor too didn't notice that her foot was hurting. On day 3 we had agreed that she would ski with me to show me the skills she had learned. Alas, this is when we found out that her foot at this point was hurting so bad that she could not ski down with me.

When I found out how she had been toughing it out for two days, we had a little chat about why it is important to tell mom and dad about pain. She learned that if she had mentioned her foot pain earlier we may have been able to remedy the situation by getting her a larger shoe size.  The little charmer didn't want to tell us lest we should take away her ski lessons!

As a parent it became clear to me that I need to be explicit about what I ask the kids.  If I had specifically asked if their foot hurt, I may have been able to discover this painful situation earlier.  Important lesson learned.

© Sunil Joshi | Jiya with her ski instructor

© Sunil Joshi |  Madhu 'posing' to walk on Skis!  ;-)

© Sunil Joshi  |  Taking a selfie with my pretty young lady Jaya

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