Oklahoma City!

Never imagined I would have a reason to go to Oklahoma City but today I found myself in it.  I had to go and visit one of the investigators, Dr Shubham Pant, in the clinical trial Halozyme is running and it turned out to be an opportune time.  Today was the three year anniversary is this beautiful building, the Oklahoma Health Science Center. This building is a brand new cancer center the University has built to serve the community's cancer needs.  Not only does the center serve the local Oklahoma City community, Dr Pant says that the center serves patients from far flung places like Arkansas.  

Many of the Oncologists like Dr Pant who see and treat patientsare also interested in clinical trials and so the center has become a magnet for talent from around the country.  Dr Pant does phase 1 and 2 trials mainly in Pancreatic Cancer and other GI tumors and has transformed the center with his vision and energy.

It's quite amazing to see this sleepy town transform itself from an agrarian economy to a more science and technology based economy.  

More needs to be done though.  A drive through downtown proves that this city has a lot more to do to catchup to Houston which has completely transformed itself on the backs of MD Anderson hospital system.  

Still, kudos to the folks at the Health Science Center and energetic scientist-physicians like Dr Pant for breathing new life into this beautiful city.
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