The crazy rules requiring turning the electronic equipment off during take off and landings come to an end

FAA, at long last, has decided to change the ridiculous rules that require one to switch off their personal electronic devices for take off and landing.  It is a mind boggling mystery to me as to why the FAA put this rule in the first place.  Clearly, the rule has been difficult to enforce short of going down the aisle and checking each and every iphone, kindle or computer to make sure that it is in fact off.  I know many a fellow travellers simply turn their devices off or cover them up rather than follow the rule and turn them "off".

Interestingly, one still cannot use the cell phone on the plane.  The article suggests that it is the FCC not FAA that governs the rules on use of cell phones and FCC has not yet rendered verdict on whether it is safe to be talking on the cell phone or not during takeoffs and landings.  This is just another example of how the regulatory bodies failure to act together or coordinate their effort and come up with a ruling once and for all,

I am not arguing for removal of the rule, for the last thing I want is for the passenger sitting next to me to be yapping away while I am trying to get some sleep. But, the rules should be based on scientific rationale.  If the cell phone signal is likely to interfere with pilot communication, I can understand it.  If the cell phone signal could send the plane in a different direction, I can understand that too.  But there is no evidence pointing to this.  In fact, evidence to the contrary has been around for years.

So, let's end these bizarre rules and set the electronic devices free.  FCC, it is your time to let rationality and sanity prevail.
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