iCloud scrolling issue and Zoom in Chrome

I use iCloud for some of my work, and being on Windows machine, I tend to use Chrome for my work.  All of a sudden yesterday I had a strange situation happen.  When in iCloud, the page would scroll down automagically.  Some how I managed for a few hours, but then it became quite frustrating, but what to do?  I kept on plodding.  

At one point, I was squinting at the screen to read something small when I decided to Zoom-in and lo and behold, the scrolling stopped!

Turns out, if you zoom out in Chrome, iCloud will display this page scrolling issue. It doesn't happen at 100% zoom, or if you Zoom-in at a higher than 100% level.

So, if you are facing a scrolling issue in Chrome and iCloud, simply set your zoom level back to 100% and get on with your work!
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