The Great Cop-out On Gun Control Legislation

Yesterday Senate rejected the bipartisan gun control legislation proposed by Joe Manchin and Patrick Toomey, when they failed to muster the required 60 votes. According to press, 90% of democrats voted for the legislation that required background checks for those buying guns and limiting number of rounds in the magazines, while 90% of the Republicans voted against it.

This legislation, which came about after the massacre of little children in New Town, Connecticut by a deranged young man, is a real blow to the efforts to curb gun violence in the US. The conservative second amendment advocates have become as irrational as the conservative religious zealots that deem abortion as an unholy act fit to be banned even if the life of the mother is in danger. The hypocrisy of these conservatives is unbelievable - it is not ok to abort a fetus to save a woman's life, but it is ok to kill little babies to protect the second amendment right to bear arms!

If the death of five and six year old children, as it happened in New Town, CT, cannot motivate the Senate to do the right thing, then I think this Senate has lost it's moral center.

And all this is happening at a time when the public opinion is in favor of sensible gun control legislation. Even the gun manufacturers are in favor of some sorts of controls that will make this PR nightmare go away. But the NRA lobby and its conservative lackeys in the Congress and the Senate will go to the end of the earth to ensure that no controls are put to their right to bear arms. When the founding fathers wrote the second amendment into the constitution, they did not envision a populace walking around with Glocks and Kalashnikovs killing innocent children. Second amendment was designed to protect against the tyranny of the distant King, who willfully disregarded the opinion of the populace, and not the legitimate oversight of a local democratically elected government.

It is time to take our democracy back. If the Senate will not pass a sensible gun control legislation that protects our children from being brutally murdered by some mass murderer with easy access to guns, then we need to put into Congress those Representatives and Senators who represent our views and give us a sensible legislation.

It is time to call your Representative and your Senator and let them know that you are watching them. If they do not represent your views and vote accordingly, come election time you will take the action and vote them out of the office.

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