Open letter to Mr. Manmohan Singh about litter on Indian streets

My daughter who is currently visiting her grand parents in India has something to say to the Prime Minister of India.  This is the first time she is visiting after she started understanding things, and the amount of litter on the streets in India really bothered her.  So she dictated a letter to the Prime Minister of India (she wanted to send to the President, but I told her that the Prime Minister is the most powerful person in India and could do something about it).  Below is the text of her letter.

Dear Mr. Manmohan Singh,
Why is there so much litter in India?  It seems no one takes care of the earth here - and everybody throws litter without thinking.  If one person throws litter, other person watching this thinks it is ok to litter and everybody starts to litter.  So, can you tell people not to litter?

I learned in school that littering polutes the air and the environment, and people can get sick.  So my teacher told us not to litter.  So please ask people not to litter.

 I like India very much - its just that I don't like so much litter on the streets.  It makes India look dirty, and no one should it make it look dirty and ugly.  It makes the beaches look dirty and people cannot enjoy the beach.

From Jaya Joshi (and Sunil Joshi who typed it up).

Little children often tell it as it is, as Jaya is doing here.  In a few years Jaya will learn that it is considered in impolite to say such things and learn to be politically correct.  But although the truth may be uncomfortable to us, it is listening to such unvarnished truth that can help us become better.

I doubt Mr. Singh will ever read this letter, but if at least one person is motivated to throw one less thing on the streets of India, Jaya will have made some difference.
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