Apple clears up the antenna issue - Every one has the problem!

The pundits will of course claim that Apple had a mea culpa, but Steve Jobs cleared up the antenna issue demonstrating quite convincingly that iPhone 4 is not alone in this problem.  Of course, iPhone 4 is the market leader and media loves to take potshots at the market leader so iPhone 4 has become the poster child for this problem.  So I don't think media is going to let up on this till they find some other juicy morsel.  But the consumers have spoken - they love iPhone 4 and are buying it in spades.  Apple's announcement to give away the bumper or case for iPhone 4 will only drive more consumers towards Apple.  In fact I myself was in the ATT store today where I learned that the wait time for iPhone 4 is 2 weeks!!  

Obviously there will be a cost to Apple, but in the end the increased publicity and free case will translate into greater sales for Apple and a positive bump to the stock.  

With this announcement, Apple has once again demonstrated how to serve its customers.  What ever the critics might say, I bet the Apple customers will once again rate Apple above and beyond its competitors in customer service.
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