Gradual decay of Western civilization?

Pronouncements of Asia's ascendancy abound the net. What is less clear is what role will Europe & North America play in the new world order about to emerge over the next 50 years. The quote below seems to pronounce a dire future for Europe.
...We already would have forgotten any pretense of the UK as a great power if not for its involvement in Iraq. The UK, along with much of Western Europe is one of those strange nations that exist as they do, in spite of what has happened in the last 70 years, not as a result. They have internal stability and modest detterence capabilities, but nothing really secures their futures. Without the strategic power of the US, Russia, or China, the economic dynamism of the developed pacific rim, or even the strong demographic and geographical base of India or Brazil, they seem to exist in a bubble. They are at no risk of anything instant like invasion or civil war, but their gradual decay and subjugation simply seems inevitable at some point. Im not predicting any immenent collapse or anything. Im not afraid to visit Europe, but my Great-grandkids probably will be.

What ever the future, the Greece debt crisis seems to be the harbinger of other similar dominos to fall in Europe. Which one will be next, Spain or Italy or UK?

Which ever country it is, it is foolish to predict the demise of European and Western power just yet. What is more likely is a balancing of US by another super power China, with a few more regional powers emerging.

On the other hand, UK will probably slowly decay, as the author seems to indicate.
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