Holi Poster

One of the joys of being of Indian origin are the colorful festivals we get to celebrate. This year, Divya Mahajan informed us of there was a Holi festival being organized by ISKON in Edison. Knowing the reputation of Hare Krishna devotees we expected to see a very colorful Holi celebration. Unfortunately, when we arrived a rather sedate religious ceremony was going on, which was terribly disappointing to Jaya.

Being the Joshi girl that she is, Jaya expressed her dissatisfaction about the ceremony to one of the organizers and demanded colors. Fortunately, the organizers had anticipated that there might be a demand for colors, and soon enough a tray full of colors was produced. What ensued thereafter was a riot of colors, more along the lines of how Holi is celebrated in India. Here is one of the pictures, which I sized up to 20x30 size and printed as a poster. I am thinking that perhaps I should hang this poster on my office wall. What do you think?

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