A Trip To Isla Mujeres

Above a photo of a window I took in Isla Mujeres, Cancun. The image was modified to give it sepia tone, which some how brings out the "mexican" nature of the window.

I doubt if there is a soul in United States that has not heard of Cancun. Cancun is the playground of US, especially the US young who tend to flock to Cancun during Spring Break. Then, the beaches are filled with 18 to 22 year olds, who go about enjoying the beaches giving little thought to the real Cancun. For the only Cancun known to most Americans, is the strip of land that surrounds Laguna Nichupe and has some of the most beautiful beaches. This strip is nothing but a small section of paradise created in the image of American luxury for the tourists and does not at all give on the indication of the real life Cancunians live beyond this strip of Americanized land.

The town of Cancun is only 20 minutes away from the "strip", and has a pier where one can take boats to the island of "Isla Mujeres". Isla Mujeres used to be a tiny fishing village not too long ago, but has not fallen prey to commercialization and can be regarded as nothing more than a tourist trap. For all is commercialization though, Isla Mujreres has some "authentic Mexican" shops and eateries, and I would highly recommend a trip. At the very least its a pleasant boat ride away from the hustle bustle of the "Strip" life.

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