Learn how to make an improved stove

Even in this 21st century over a third of the population is dependent on wood and dung to keep the fires burning in their kitchen. This use of biomass is often associated with excessive smoke production which is harmful to health. I remember my summers spent in Malkapur where we had a traditional wood burning stove in the kitchen. My mothers eyes would often turn red from smoke exposure. Its amazing that while the problem of smoke exposure has been in front of India for centuries, no one has done any thing to improve the design of the stove in such a way that it reduces the exposure to carbon monoxide and smoke, while improving the cooking efficiency.

Today while browsing Boing Boing, I learned about this research organization called Aprovecho Research Center that has been conducting research to improve the traditional stove. My kudos to the research scientists at Aprovecho for their new stove design which I am sure will help many a housewives in India. The video below demonstrates how to make a clean burning stove relatively cheaply.

I also learned from the same site that Shell has partnered with some NGOs to make these clean burning stoves available to the general public in India on a commercial scale. I'll look for one when I am in India next.

There is a lively discussion on Boing Boing for those interested, and there is a beautiful story about "Justa" stove if you want to learn more.

Most importantly, this now gives me a way to make a wood fired oven I have been desirous of building in the back yard.
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