Indian impasse over civilian nuclear deal

We all know that blaming the "Foreign Hand" for internal ills is a crutch commonly used in India. But Indians can not blame everything wrong in the society on "Foreign Hand" - there are plenty in India to stand in the way of progress. Take the example of the status of the nuclear treaty with US. For energy starved India currently on an incredible growth spurt, this nuclear treaty, which Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has signed with Bush Administration, is God send, not only because it helps India overcome its energy needs, but also because it allows India to enter into a strategic partnership with the US as a counter-weight to the Chinese ambitions in South Asia.
The nuclear agreement, which would give India access to US nuclear fuel and technology even though it has not signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, is at the heart of a new strategic partnership between India and the US.
The treaty has plenty of enemies on the US side, mostly senators and congressmen sympathetic to Pakistan (which is naturally upset that Pakistan has not been offered a similar deal) and ideological right wingers who have always viewed India suspiciously for its past associations with the non-aligned movement and USSR. But never did I imagine that this treaty which is incredibly beneficial to India would have opposition from Indians! Yes, there is a group of Indians who opposes this treaty!
It is opposed by the Communists who object to close ties with the US on ideological grounds and who argue that it will weaken India's foreign policy and independence.
Foreign policy independence? The Communists, which are a part of the coalition ruling the country, are delusional if they think that in these days of global economy and multinational trade, India exercise its will in isolation of the global opinion or the opinion of its partners. Even the Chinese, who are supposedly very independent in their foreign policy, have to consider what the rest of the world might think - eg. the press coverage of the earthquake in China.

But of course its not about whether something is good for the country or not. Its about ideology! The Communists are using this issue of national security to hold the ruling party hostage and in the process damaging India's future. In the rough and tumble politics of India this is to be expected. But just looking at the benefits this treaty would accrue to India, even the most cynical of us had thought that this treaty would be easily ratified.

India's neighbors must be laughing hard at this spectacle, especially the ones who oppose this treaty as a threat to their own national security.

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