Pakistani Solution For Internal Turmoil - Stir Trouble In India

Well, Musharraf is in trouble, Pakistan is in turmoil, so guess what, its time to stir trouble in India.

"The government and our agencies have credible information of efforts being made by extremist groups to revive militancy in Punjab," his (Mr. Singh, Prime Minister of India's) letter stated. Referring to last year's bomb blasts in two cinema halls in Ludhiana, Punjab, Mr Singh said the two people who planned it were "induced" to carry out the attack on a visit to Pakistan with funding from "extremist elements in the US"

Its how its always been, its how it will always be, unless we get democratic leaders in Pakistan, who put the interest of the common man before failed nationalistic policies of the past. At least the people of Pakistan know whats best for them, which is why they elected PPP and PML(N) that are getting ready to join hands to throw Musharraf out and bring back the judges thrown out by Musharraf.
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