Lensbabies Photo

Recently I came upon an opportunity to add a Lensbabies lens to my assorted collection of lenses for our Nikon D70, and started taking some pictures. Frankly, using the lensbabies lens turned out to be a bit more difficult than I thought, and I am still trying to figure it out. But here is one example of what can be accomplished. Some of the problems I am encountering are...
  • No metering. Have to guess the right exposure. This is a problem with D70, but not with some other Nikons such as D200

  • Hard on the eyes, as focusing is manual and then you have to move the bellows to make it unfocused in the area you want.

  • No on camera flash - or at least I haven't figured it out yet.

Still, not bad for a first try with this lens. I have seen the lensbabies pictures on Flickr and pBase, and have been impressed by them, so I think its a matter of time before I'll start taking some good ones! Or at least I am hoping I will!
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