Innovating a Chisel

Talk about a tough problem, but guys at Baltimore Toolworks have solved it! Baltimore Tool works, with the help of some Engineering students, have improved upon the age old chisel to make it safer and more effective! Read the story here. Goes to show that regardless of the product age, there is still room for innovation. Now on to solving the other problem - "marketing" a better chisel. Here is how to solve the marketing problem using guerilla tactics.
  • Safety studies: A randomized safety study that demonstrates reduction in number of injuries should create demand from workmen. The insurance company should be interested in funding the study and disseminating the results!

  • Demonstrate cost effectiveness: An outcomes study that shows that the incremental $3 invested leads to improved efficiencies will go a long way convincing construction companies to buy the product.

  • Product demonstrations at workers sites. A couple of attractive gals that take the chisel to the worksites - that would surely attract attention.

  • Use innovative advertising strategy - such as outrages t-shirts that a construction worker could like. eg. "Chisel this baby!" or "Hard Cap Me". I am sure the creative types can come up with better ideas, but the t-shirts would sell themselves and raise awareness. Tie it to the gals in a van visiting worksites, and you've got a homerun.

  • Crazy ideas - challenge the world to come up with uses for the new chisel - call it "cutting the uncuttable". That ought to get the world interested in the product again. People can post Utube videos and best video could win an award

  • Get on a night talk show - I am sure Jay Leno would love to have a hard hat go there and talk about the innovation. It would be a great PR story.

Point is, a small business like Baltimore Toolworks needs to think innovatively about marketing the product. Without a large budget its important to partner with others to get the word out. But if they can improve a thousand year old product, they should be able to raise awareness too!
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