Happy Birthday!

No day like a day spent with friends & family, but it gets even better when you get to celebrate ones birthday! Yesterday and today I had plenty of reasons to celebrate - one - of course the birthday, second - the conclusion of Little Champs program on Zee TV which saw the pretty lady Anamika win the long running reality TV contest, and third - being hired as the new director of commercial operations! No, not leaving the old company, just moving a few departments over into the operations group.

So, saturday was spent cooking dosas and uttappas for friends, chugging down margaritas, and watching Little Champs show on Zee TV while Jaya and Sasha raised ruccus with Bharat (Sasha and Bharat being friends kids). Highlight of the evening was watching 12 year old Anamika win the contest that has been going on for weeks.

It was obviously disappointing for the parents of Tanmay and Rohanpreet (and you could see it on the faces), but the kids seem to take it all in a stride. Tanmay was happy even with being second runners up, and Rohanpreet had a very positive attitude and was gracious in accepting the runners up trophy. Many of us adults could learn so much from these kids!
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