ISI support of Taleban continues unabated

Thanks to Pakistani ISI's support of Taleban and al 'Qaeda, the Asian neighborhood has always been a dangerous place. There is little doubt that ISI (the secretive security and intelligence agency of Pakistan) has been fomenting trouble in both India and Afghanistan for decades, but with the entry of US in the Afghan war there was hope that perhaps this lawless agency will be reigned in. Not so.

As has been well documented in the book
"Punishment of Virtue" by Sarah Chayes, ISI is very much continuing on with its support of Taleban.

Yesterday, in NY Times there was an article about how
the South Waziristan region of Pakistan has become a haven for theTaleban
and foreign fighters.

Today, there is another article on the impact ISI's support of the Talebani extremist elements on its own soil is having on Agfhanistan.

So what do we do about this?
  • We continue with our unconditional support of Pakistani military, and

  • We are transferring more of our responsibilities in Afghanistan to
    our NATO allies.

  • Not a good strategy, if your objective is to eradicate enemy no.1, the al 'Qaeda. We ought to be doing exactly the opposite -
  • Pressuring the Pakistani military to reign-in the ISI and its
    support of Taleban, and

  • Putting more troops in Afghanistan so that the fledgling democracy in this nation has an opportunity to grow.
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