China's Duplicitous Behavior

Oh well, my fears weren't entire unfounded after all! After my last post I expected to be wrong, but it looks like China has already shown its true colors. This story seems to indicate that the Chinese Ambassador Yaxi has already claimed that the entire state of Arunachal Pradesh belongs to China!!
We demand that the Government of India should ask the Government of China to immediately recall their Ambassador here," JD (U) President Sharad Yadav said in a statement here.
Yadav described the Ambassador's statement that the whole of Arunachal Pradesh was Chinese territory as "timid, weak and highly disturbing".

To say something like this right before Premier Hu's visit is bold if nothing else.

On another note, it seems Premier Hu Jintao is offering Pakistan (more) cooperation on Nuclear front. More cooperation? Isn't it enough that their previous cooperation has led to a nuclear arms race around the world with North Korea, Iran and Libya getting their hands on nuclear materials?

Talk about being strategic.
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