Pakistan's ISI Involved in Indian Blasts

So whats new. Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (their Spy Agency) has been implicated (once again) in the blasts in India. This time, the Police Commissioner of Mumbai says, that he has arrested Pakistani nationals in the investigations that followed the blasts.
Mumbai police Commissioner A.N. Roy said the attacks were planned by the spy agency and carried out by Pakistan-based Islamic militant group, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, assisted by the Students Islamic Movement of India, a banned Islamic group. Addressing a news conference to announce the completion of the investigation, Roy said 15 people had been arrested, including 11 Pakistanis.

Pakistan's ISI is essentially an agency whose mission is to promote subversive activities in its neighboring countries. ISI was involved in promoting Taliban and bringing it to power in Afghanistan. ISI has been involved in training terrorists and sending them to Kashmir. ISI has been involved in the recent resurgence of Taliban attacks in Afghanistan. When a state agency supports terrorism, isn't that state a terrorist state? So why is Pakistan being so actively courted by United States, and why are we supplying arms and munitions to Pakistan?

Recently I started reading a very interesting book by Sarah Chayes called The Punishment of Virtue. Its a fascinating book that tells about the role of Pakistan and ISI in the coming to power of Taliban, and how Taliban has not been vanquished. Quite the opposite - with the help of ISI, Taliban is resurging, causing untold havoc to the innocent people of Afghanistan.

The events unfolding in Afghanistan today could have been easily foretold if the world had recognized what a menace ISI has become. The bomb blasts in India, and resurgence of Taliban in Afghanistan is a brutal reminder that unless the powers of the world recognize the sheer terrorist capacity of Pakistani ISI and decide to do something about it, world will always be an unsafe place for the innocent.

The article on Indian accusations comes via NY Times.
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