Any Thing Goes In India!

There is a saying in Hindi, "Chalta hai, chalane do" which roughly translates, "Let it go on, who gives a damn".

This pessimist attitude is so pervasive in India that the rich and famous politicians take full advantage it. Take this story about Lalu Prasad Yadav. A colorful man who is currently the Railway Minister of India, is illiterat, corrupt and wields enormous power, has corrupted the system so much that it is amazing. One time, when he was the chief minister of Bihar, there was some scandal that resulted in him being booted out of the office. Not to give up so easily, he decided to contest by by putting his wife up for elections! The Bihari janta (people), duly elected the illeterate wife Rabri Devi to the post of Chief Minister and the Yadavs continued to enjoy the perks of being a powerful politician for aother 5 year term.

Recently the Bihari's seemed to have suddenly gained wisdom, and ousted Rabari Devi and her party. Such is their sense of entitlement that when it came time to give up the perks the Yadavs refused to budge. It finally took a Court Order to get them to vacate the Chief Ministers bangalow!

Meanwhile, how have they helped Bihar? Bihar is still one of the most backward state of India with one of the highest illeteracy rates, highest level of crime, political corruption; you name the problem, Bihar has it.

Still the attitude in Bihar, as in the rest of the India continues to be, "Chalta hai, Chalane do". Read more about this story of Lallu's eviction here
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