Pet Peeve - Portraititis in Electronic Documents

Yes, I admit to it, "Portraititis" is my pet peeve. The electronic document formatting that the whole world follows is wrong, and I want to change that. What I mean is this...why do people who put out electronic magazines - you know the ones that come in pdf form - in portrait form? The whole purpose of electronic distribution is so that we would be able to read it on our computers. And the last time I checked, the computer screen was laid out in Landscape format, NOT PORTRAIT Format!!

ESC magazine, one of my favorite magazines has this Portratitis. And today I came across a electronic magazine put out by a - of all people - DESIGN INSTITUTE which has the same disease. National Institute of Design puts out a magazine called CUT HERE. Now, Isn't National Institute of Design supposed to be thinking about design related issues? So how come they put out a publication that cannot be properly viewed on the computer screen?

I'll tell you why. Its because of lazyness. Yes, Lazyness plain and simple. What people are doing is that they take this publication that has been formatted for print, print it to a pdf writer, and make it available to the people on their website. I call it laziness because it does not take much time or effort to repurpose a publication for web delivery and computer reading.

So, get on with the times people. If you want people to read your publicaitons on the computer, make it easy for them to read them on the computer!

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