Pet Peeve No 2: Out of Office Emails

Yes, its true...I have a second Pet Peeve: The misuse of the "out of office" reply functionality built into the email system. Now granted most of US is on vacation around Christmas, and I should not expect folks to reply to my emails. But come on! Do you need to rub it in? Every email I send out seems to elicit a "out of office" reply back from my friends! And my mail box is filling up with these out of office replies!

Hmmm, may be they are trying to send me a message...stop sending these email messages or we will fill your mail box with junk! Ok Ok I get it now. No more emails to any friends this holiday season. I will create drafts and just wait for 4th or 5th of January, and hit the send button all at once!


Don't kill me, I'm only kidding! Jeez!
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