Four 2006 Rhodes Scholars of Indian Origin

2006 Rhodes Scholars list was announced today, and there seem to be four scholars of Indian origin among the 32 scholars selected this year. Another proud moment for the Indian diaspora in United States.

Congratulations to all those selected! All the recepients have very interesting backgrounds, but one scholar Scott R. Erwin's story is nothing short of amazing.

One winner was Scott R. Erwin, a 2005 graduate of the University of Richmond, who founded Ambassadors of Democracy, a civic education initiative at Mustanseriya University in Baghdad. He underwent eight hours of surgery in June 2004 after the car he was riding in was ambushed.

New Jersey has one winner. Here is the link to the news item, and here is the link to the list of winners.

The Indian-American winners are: Rahul Satija, Laxmi Krishnan, Noorain F. Khan, and Samsher Gill.
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