Bombay Floods Update

Just heard from my brother, who told me that he had to sleep in the office for a night as there was no way of returning home.

Then, through variety of conveyence - bus, taxi, walking, wading through water, he reached back home after 5 hours. This journey normally takes about 20-40 minutes by car, so you can imagine the situation.

In Mumbai, there have been several land slides, and lights have been out for two days. Phone lines were cut for two days, and are just being restored. The water on the roads was very swift, almost like a river.

India last received similar rainfall (33 inches) in 1910 in the village of Cherapungi, which is considered the wettest region in the world. The rainfall in Bombay of 37.1 inches in 24 hrs is considered to be a world record!

Home minister of India announced that altogether over 600 people have died all over India due to heavy rains.

Today obviously the city of Bombay will not be up and running, but since the rains have stopped, a sense of normalcy is returning to the city.
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