Oldest Textile Mills Closes

Mount Vernon Mills announced today that the longest continuously running textile mill in UnitedStates was closing its doors for ever.
The old mill was constructed in 1844, and originally cleaned, spun, wove, bleached and dyed cotton. During the Civil War, the mill manufactured Confederate uniform and tent material and was used as an armory for Confederate troops.

Although this would seem as a shocking development, this has been going on for a long time. Infact Mount Vernon had a major layoff in 1981 when it laid off more than half its workforce.

This means that the township officials will need to think in a hurry how to attract newer business. The story of Tallahassee is likely to play itself out in many other cities, and begs for strong leaders to emerge who think strategically and plan for the future. Its calls for a different kind of civic leadership, leadership that worries less about the immediate future, but about how the town would grow 10-15-20 years from now.

More about Mount Vernon Mills here.
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