Flights to India to get cheaper

Flights to India from New York/Newark are likely to get cheaper relatively soon with the entry of several new carriers on these routes. Delta, for example announced that it will be starting a non-stop flight between New York and New Delhi, and Continental has started a flight between New Delhi and Chicago. Delta already has a flight between New York and Chennai.

The Indian Government recently approved two other carriers, Jet Airways and Sahara Airlines to run flights between US and India. This below comes from the Times of India...

Senior government officials told The Times of India that Jet Airways has been granted the approval to start a daily flight from Mumbai to Newark (via Brussels) in the 2005 summer schedule.

With these new entries, the price of the ticket is bound to come down significantly. Right now, if you buy a ticket from a consolidator, the ticket prices range from USD 800 during off season to USD 1500 during peak season. A 10-15% price drop would mean a significant savings for travellers on this already busy route.
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