Cinderella Man's Delivers A PR Punch

Could you have asked for a better PR opportunity? Cinderella Man opened to lack luster audience despite a purportedly smashing performance by Russell Crowe. So, the producers must be thanking their stars that their Star Mr. Crowe decided to throw a phone in a fit of rage. The media interest in Mr. Crowe is naturally very high and the buzz around the movie is only going to get better.

When ever an incident like this happens, the public sitsup and takes notice. The bad boy image is propagated, the news item becomes hot, and people's interest in the movie is piqued.

So I wouldn't be surprised if the next week box office figures for Cinderella Man take off. Yes, Mr. Crowe just delivered a nice one-two punch, that may cost him a few thousand dollars in fines, but may end up enriching him by millions!~
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