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Nature Resources In Princeton Area

Princeton is full of green spaces - one just has to look around to realize this. Yet, when it comes to outdoor recreation we tend to vear towards the true and tried. This resource is for any one who is interested in exploring the outdoor opportunities more broadly.

Website on Local flora and fauna

Local area trails is a book published by Sophie Glover and describes local trails in detail and with pictures! A local organization that maintains trails in the state of NJ. The website has trails by county making it easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. The Delaware and Raritan Canal provides miles and miles of pleasurable walking across the 175 year old canal. Check out the website - its choke full of information. The canal also has a blog which provides timely information on upcoming activities.

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Clare Bear (June 2009) by Jinja Ninja

Every once in a while you stumble upon a music that just makes your day. This is one of those times! I spent the afternoon listening and dancing to this music with my little 8 month old who was squealing with delight.

Listen and then download to listen some more.

Great work Alex!

For those interested, here is the soundcloud website

and here is Alex's website

Clare Bear (June 2009)  by  Jinja Ninja